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Nylah McIntosh

In His Image Photography and Events did a wonderful job decorating my home for my son's 2nd birthday party. We just suggested a character and he came up with the whole theme. Everyone loveeeeed it! Thanks again.

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Nikole Mercer

Awesomeness. They pay attention to detail.

Very professional and helpful

I will book with them again.


From the decorations, to the treats for the kids, to the awesome communication!! What an awesome job they did for my sons 2nd birthday!!! Thanks again!!!

Clarissa Doyling
Lynisha Meyers

Awesome team! My Ferrari baby shower was beautiful.Not only was the theme different but the decor was different as well. Exceptional work!! I enjoyed your company. Continue to reach for the stars. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts

Shakyma Anderson

Awesome TEAM! I.H.I really made My daughters "CANDYLAND" themed Party come to life with their exquisite balloon work. Loved the open communication and the fact that they are very creative and even when I didn't think a color would work, they took it into their own hands and made everything work out ! Would definitely recommend there services and I would also be booking with them again.

Shenell Callwood

This team did a spectacular job on my son and daughter in law maternity add their treats are the bomb..cake pops on point

When God has a plan nothing can take it away. Thanks love for taking pics that will last a lifetime. Great memories


Vanessa Gonzalez Sierra

You did an awesome job Tequan!!!


Kayna Phillips